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Iran ranks first in telecommunications in Middle East

Watch Online Iran ranks first in telecommunications in Middle East Tehran hosts Iran Telecom fair 2012 which is one of the major telecommunications events in the region. Iranian and foreign companies active in manufacturing telecommunication equipment and providing related services are taking part in the 13th Tehran international telecom fair. Companies and local representatives from a number of countries, including Germany, Italy, China, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, and Poland are taking part in Iran Telecom 2012. In recent years, the pace of development and improvements in Iran's telecommunication sector has continued in all aspects. The country has managed to domestically manufacture a high percentage of its required telecom equipment. Due to recent achievements, Iran has managed to rank first in the Middle East in terms of growth in the development of telecommunication network and has received UNESCO's award for expansion of telecommunications in poor rural areas. If Program is not complete and / or The Video is Not Loaded , Please Refresh The Page for More Parts and to Load The video Properly. Thanks for your Patience

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